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I wish I could stop missing you

I really wish that I could just stop missing you at times. I am doing everything to keep myself occupied but I wish I could really control my dreams too. And the worst part is that I dream about the things we had planned or discussed. It tears me apart. I just wish I could stop missing you Ricky!

The dream I had yesterday night just broke me and I cannot afford to go through that emotional wreckage again. I am holding my fort strongly but at times it just crumbles down to bits and pieces and I get crushed under the mortar of my memories, my dreams and my desires.

Sometimes I wish I could just stop missing you.


Star crossed lovers (myalteregoinprocess)

We had a perfect love story. It was truly magical in every sense. I was the happiest person on this earth for five months. The smile on my face was constant. I lived every second. And then suddenly we came out of the dream into reality and we realized that we were star-crossed lovers after all. With no scope of uniting. He lives on one end of the planet and I….. I live on the other. He isn’t planning to move here . I was willing to move my roots but well…
Our fate had made decision for us.

I had the perfect love story and I was with the man I wanted to love all my life and sleep in his arms every night. I still crave for that one God damn night when I will get to just sleep in his arms for once. But as said, one in every 10 couples are star-crossed and it fell in my kitty.


My Weekend!! (myalteregoinprocess)

Another weekend has passed. ok! so first things first. My dad is still in hospital, hopefully he will be discharged by tomorrow and he will be home.

I had to wake up early Saturday morning because I had to attend the Alumni Board meeting of my school. Yes! I am a part of the Alumni Board of my school, I am the Director of Communications for ASN Alumni Association. And we are currently working on an event. We are organizing an Annual Sports Meet for the Alumni of ASN and Saturday morning was just about that. I woke up at 7:30 on Saturday morning… yes yes you heard it right. Woke up that early. Spent most of the day clicking pictures, meeting old teachers, catching up with other Board members. 

Then I went back home and slept through out the day, only waking up to read Game Of Thrones, and then going back to sleep again. In the evening I went to the hospital to meet my dad and stayed with him till dinner. We had dinner together. Went back home and the night took me sometime while reading the book.

So much has happened in the book by the way! SPOILER ALERT! King is dead and even Viserys is dead. The dead people are rising back. woah!! too much. I am completely loving this book. 

Oh by the way I ordered 8 books last week. A mixture of autobiographies, plays and inspirational books. Yes! they lift my spirit and make me happy. 

Sunday was about cleaning the house, arranging my wardrobe, working with the maid to arrange things perfectly for the week to follow. In the afternoon, I went to meet some of my closest friends for college. 3 of them are already married. Sigh! it makes me sad sometimes, not because I want to get married but sometimes I wish I had someone too. Blahhhhh!! Dear thought go away!! Don’t make me sad. I decided to be a bit of boho and I wore a long gypsy green skirt with a tank top. Honestly, I don’t care if the world thinks that I was looking weird. I wasn’t put on earth to please anyone else. It is just about me and so I wear things that I like without giving a fuck. Sometimes I think I belong to the family of Phoebe Buffay and Luna Lovegood. Too free to think about the world.


Anyways, that’s all for the weekend folks. See you next weekend!







Inspirations play a big role when it comes to blogging. You need something to write about you feel connected to. At least that’s what I can say for myself. I cannot write just because someone asked me to write. My writing is not commercial. It comes from within.

I suffered from writers block for quite a long time. No metaphors, no ironies… Absolutely nothing. I wanted to write but there was no inspiration at all. That was the worst phase for me. I could not express. Actually there was nothing to express.

I would confess here on my blog that sometimes some situations in life poke you so hard that you protect yourself within a wall and never let your vulnerable side out. But that’s pure cowardice and yes I was a coward. I was protecting myself but with that I was losing my creativity too. I was becoming the emotionless freak, yes that is the term I use at times to define myself because that’s how I become at times.

Truly speaking, I am not at a good place right now and I am standing on the thin border of emotionless and emotions and I keep tumbling here and there. But this I want to accept the pain and let it sink it. I want to experience it and letvot pave way for me and be my inspiration.

People hurt you but I have learned one thing from my past experiences. You should never blame others for your sadness. You should never hate others for your misfortunes. If something went wrong, make amendments. Forget about whose fault it was. Forgive people and move on without any hatred for anyone.

Some questions are better left unanswered. But no paths are better left unexplored for life is finite and paths are galore. Keep moving on.

Not talking about moving on from relationship to relationship but fall in love with someone and when you find that someone… Just love them forever. Wherever they may be.

SAM / Mysa / Sammy

It Is You….

The sudden downpour when I was sad,

It was you.

The warm towel when I was drenching,

It was you.

The first spoonful of hot Maggi when I was hungry,

It was you.

The first sip of beer when I was with friends,

It was you.

The smile that crossed my face in between family conversations,

It was you.

The comforter on my cold bed when I was tired,

It was you.

My last thought,

It was you.

My dream,

It was you.

My first thought when I wake up,

It is you……………….




You want to kiss me?

This hugely reminds me of something and it just brings a smile on my face. 



It sure was my before sunrise. :)




Jai Sri Krishna

Happy Janmashtmi to all of you!


Lord Krishna is one of the most appealing Gods in Hinduism. He is the naughty one, the charming one, the universal one, the strongest one, the one almighty who is loved by all. 

Lord Krishna’s tales range from stealing butter to hitting in a playful manner with a catapult, from picking up the Goverdhan Parvat (mountain) with just his pinky finger to his treasured words in Bhagwad Gita. The Lord of flute, a great inspiration for the musicians.



Janmashtmi marks the birth of Lord Krishna every year and it is celebrated with great zeal. Human pyramids to break the pot of butter, all the temples decorated. No doubt this marks the beginning of festive season of India. Happy festivities to one and all.







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