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Inspirations play a big role when it comes to blogging. You need something to write about you feel connected to. At least that’s what I can say for myself. I cannot write just because someone asked me to write. My writing is not commercial. It comes from within.

I suffered from writers block for quite a long time. No metaphors, no ironies… Absolutely nothing. I wanted to write but there was no inspiration at all. That was the worst phase for me. I could not express. Actually there was nothing to express.

I would confess here on my blog that sometimes some situations in life poke you so hard that you protect yourself within a wall and never let your vulnerable side out. But that’s pure cowardice and yes I was a coward. I was protecting myself but with that I was losing my creativity too. I was becoming the emotionless freak, yes that is the term I use at times to define myself because that’s how I become at times.

Truly speaking, I am not at a good place right now and I am standing on the thin border of emotionless and emotions and I keep tumbling here and there. But this I want to accept the pain and let it sink it. I want to experience it and letvot pave way for me and be my inspiration.

People hurt you but I have learned one thing from my past experiences. You should never blame others for your sadness. You should never hate others for your misfortunes. If something went wrong, make amendments. Forget about whose fault it was. Forgive people and move on without any hatred for anyone.

Some questions are better left unanswered. But no paths are better left unexplored for life is finite and paths are galore. Keep moving on.

Not talking about moving on from relationship to relationship but fall in love with someone and when you find that someone… Just love them forever. Wherever they may be.

SAM / Mysa / Sammy

It Is You….

The sudden downpour when I was sad,

It was you.

The warm towel when I was drenching,

It was you.

The first spoonful of hot Maggi when I was hungry,

It was you.

The first sip of beer when I was with friends,

It was you.

The smile that crossed my face in between family conversations,

It was you.

The comforter on my cold bed when I was tired,

It was you.

My last thought,

It was you.

My dream,

It was you.

My first thought when I wake up,

It is you……………….




You want to kiss me?

This hugely reminds me of something and it just brings a smile on my face. 



It sure was my before sunrise. :)




Jai Sri Krishna

Happy Janmashtmi to all of you!


Lord Krishna is one of the most appealing Gods in Hinduism. He is the naughty one, the charming one, the universal one, the strongest one, the one almighty who is loved by all. 

Lord Krishna’s tales range from stealing butter to hitting in a playful manner with a catapult, from picking up the Goverdhan Parvat (mountain) with just his pinky finger to his treasured words in Bhagwad Gita. The Lord of flute, a great inspiration for the musicians.



Janmashtmi marks the birth of Lord Krishna every year and it is celebrated with great zeal. Human pyramids to break the pot of butter, all the temples decorated. No doubt this marks the beginning of festive season of India. Happy festivities to one and all.






My Weekend


So I have decided to start this new category #weekendwellspent on my blog with the mindset of penning down what I did and also in a hope that the hash tag will pickup. :D

So back to my weekend. It was a 3 day long weekend for me, thanks to our Independence Day. All I did during these 3 days was read game of thrones, a song of ice and fire written by George R R Martin. That’s all. 

Well not technically for 3 days, because on Sunday my dad met with an accident and I was just running to hospital with him and getting him all checked. 

But otherwise, yes, it was all about ‘ A song of Ice and Fire’ and I am loving it to every bit. I am already in love with Eddard Stark, Arya Stark, Jon Snow and I also like Tyrion Lannister. I like how he is a strong character with strong words. I am looking forward to finish it by this weekend. So, my next post is also expected to be full of words for Game of Thrones.

About my dad, he is alright, has been admitted to the hospital, he will have to undergo a surgery because he broke his shoulder bone and a surgery is required to fix it. So, we all are just working on that part. He will be alright soon. 





Irreversible changes

Yester night, I slept in my sister’s room. A month after our break up. I wanted the pain to sink in. I am not looking to runaway from the pain, from the truth. I am not an escapist, but yesterday was a weak moment and I gave in. I shifted in the my room for a reason and I found my independence there. Yes, you ignited the fire but I want to carry it on. 

And every single dream, every little thing I wanted to do… we wanted to do… I will do it… We were about independence and freedom and space and living our lives and that’s exactly what I am going to do. 

I am not looking for another man’s support. I did not seek support in you. What I felt with you was life, someone who would understand me, someone who would let me be. And that’s what I was with you. My past was a blur but you did not believe it. You could not trust me.

I am going to live… the way we wanted to live. 



Reliving 14th Feb 2014

Sometimes I just like to relive 14th Feb 2014, only because I was free that day. I found my silence with you. That was one single day when I was with you and you were with me. And may be for the very first time, I let myself be. And I told you how the silence wasn’t awkward, how I crave for such shared silence and how I found it with you. I only had to lean my head back on your arm and I was free. Free from this world, free from pretensions, free from any burdens, free from the thought of pleasing people, free from every damn thing. I like going back to that moment.





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