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Delhi Womaniya goes voting

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I am ashamed!

I cannot see myself in the mirror!

I am disappointed with the fact that I am a human being!

Today, I don’t have enough words to express how I feel. I am speechless and I wish I could be blind. Religions were not supposed to do this to us. To let one human kill another in the name of religion. We have forgotten how to be humans. We have forgotten that we were all made in God’s image so that, in simple words, mean, that we are all equal. How does it matter if someone is Hindu or Muslim or Christian. How does it matter if we pray to different gods. What matters is we all breathe same air. We all strive to survive. We all wake up in the morning and sleep at night. So how is one different from another?

Children were shot at in Pakistan. What had those kids done? What was their fault? They were kids… studying…. in a school…. unarmed. Was that their fault?

It breaks my heart to see how this world is not a place I want to live in anymore. People have become sadist, selfish and get pleasure when somebody is in pain. They hurt animals, they hurt children, they rob, they kill, they murder, they rape, they mutilate…. WHY? WHY? WHY?

My plea is to people from all over the world. Just about everywhere, if you are breathing, if you wake up every morning and sleep at night. This is for you. Today, on this day I shun my religion and from today on I will say my religion is humanity. Nothing more…. nothing less. We have to put an end to these….. these fights… wars… battles…. killings…. attacks….. in the name of religion or anything else. We have to put an end to all of this. 

I shun the concept of countries, borders, anything that divides one human from another. We have had enough now. I don’t want any color, race, religion to define me. I am only a human being and that’s all I want to be. That’s how I want to be defined.


Are you with me in this? Will you stop saying that you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Baniya or anything like that? Will you sing along and say that  I AM A HUMAN AND MY RELIGION IS HUMANITY. 


Thanks a lot,


Delhi Womaniya

This is a little something I have taken up with my girl friends. We have decided to come out strong about things we think need to be addressed or something about which we want to put our thoughts ahead. We shall be posting videos of one topic each week and hope to raise awareness amongst everyone.

All of us belong to Delhi but currently are located in different places. Humans have a tendency to stereotype and Delhi girls are stereotyped quite often We are trying to break that thought because all of us are different… we think differently… we take decisions differently. But one thing common in all of us is that we want to raise our voices against everything wrong with this world and we hope that people are listening.

This is just the beginning, we intend to go a long way from here.

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Delhi Womaniya talks about Shaadi

The very first video of my project DELHI WOMANIYA

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Shruti Sharma

Life… Destiny….Karma

I am tired of people talking about how life is.. how it is supposed to be… how this is how it happens…. how it was written in the destiny…. how it was never meant to happen.

Good Lord people! Can you just shut up for a while. No… none of the above statements is true. I refuse to stand by any of it. I am not ok with “this is how it was supposed to be”. No, this is not how it happens. Why are there always reasons and answers to things that did not happen. The destiny, the stars or that person, we always find a way to answer our questions. We have got to stop doing this to ourselves. I would rather live in a realistic world and live with real expectations. Well, truly no expectations at all. And no I don’t want to blame anyone or I don’t want to know how it is supposed to be.

My boyfriend broke up with me and I was inconsolable and all he could say was “this is your first break up, this is how it feels.” I told him that  I am not like his ex girlfriends and he doesn’t have to tell me how it is supposed to be. I would rather face the pains and hurts of life and come out stronger than being a fool who blames various other things.

The funniest part is that people keep telling you, be good and that’s how life will be to you. Let me be very honest with you. THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. Be as good as you can be but the world will shit on you. Your best friends will be selfish beings who will love you (or pretend to love you) till the time there is no possibility of you becoming their family member (dating her brother or something), but from that moment on you will become the most horrible person she ever came across and suddenly you won’t fit the bill of her family’s expectations. Your boyfriend will dote on you but come some past and his trust will go in the air and vanish and the person who wanted to look at you all the time won’t even take your calls. You ask I did something wrong with my best friend, honestly I will never know why would she be against me to this extent. The funny part is, she was my alter ego and whatever happened with me, sooner or later happened with her.

The only thing which keeps me strong is KARMA. That is one thing I believe in and shall always do. People do bad things to you and you can take revenge in the dirtiest ways possible, I do have it in me too. But that is the only difference between such people and me. I always let KARMA take over. Karma has always served me right and I shall stand tall and strong and won’t stoop to their level but I will only wait for Karma to serve me right. It has happened in the past and it shall keep happening.



Shruti Sharma





I was always so sure that I am not going to compromise in my life…. never ever. But as life is happening (as per say), I have realized that compromises are a part of everyone’s life. They come as simple as….. breathing.

There won’t be one person who has lived his whole life on his terms. Sometime… somewhere all of us have to compromise. The only choice you do get is, which are the points you are willing to compromise on.




I went through some tough time few days back and for the first time I saw myself shattered to bits and I was ready to compromise on every front… all I wanted was some peace. But, thank my wits (decided to come back and see me after all), I saw that I don’t have to compromise right away and not for all the points. Some challenges are to be dealt with. I can easily compromise right now but when I think of the years ahead….. knowing myself, I will never be able to stay happy.

So, to end it all, I know someday I will have to make some compromises in order to live but that need not be done today…. or right now. I would like to procrastinate it as much as I can and when I won’t be able to do it anymore, I will compromise on my own terms. After all my middle name is also compromise… just like your’s.

Written by

Shruti ‘compromise’ Sharma



Fear cuts deeper than Swords

This is one of the famous quotes from Game of Thrones series and I absolutely stand by it.

Syrio the dance master always told Arya Stark that fear cuts deeper than the sword. In their context it was quite literal to the core as Syrio was Arya’s sword master and he was always trying to teach the little girl how she should keep her fears aside (how Arya would hate me for calling her a little girl).

I am sure all of us can relate to this quote too. I certainly can now. I met with an accident few days back. I was riding to work and crashed with a car (the driver suddenly wanted to steer left after all whereas I was taking a leap of throttle straight ahead). It was scary. Every second of that accident was scary and I have never experienced this clear vision and I am proud of myself for my presence of mind and the intuition you have just seconds before (may be not intuitions… may be it is just the calculative mind) but whatever it was, it was plain scary.

I was racing straight and just 3 seconds before the  crash I realised that the car was not heading straight (how conveniently they forget to turn on the indicators), instantly I turned my scooty a little left so that I won’t hit the car head on and that did save my life and also for the first time I would give credit to the helmet…. yes yes I would…. yes I know it is important… yes I know it is for our protection…. yes I know all of that… NOW.

Every second is fragmented in my mind. The moment I crashed… I saw my rear view mirror turn in the most awkward way, next I remember the exact fall, how my head crashed in the car first and then how it hit the road… (tuckkkk…..tuckkkk) and then how the car zoomed away… throwing the dust in air. It was every bit scary. I could not get up. People rushed to help me and I am thankful to them (the guy who gave me his handkerchief, the uncles who insisted on taking me to hospital and some really old uncles who couldn’t stop thanking God that I was alive. Thanks to each of them. I got a deep gash on my palm but I am taking it in the most positive way, it might change some lines on my palm after all :)

Now here comes the line ‘fear cuts deeper than the swords’ (or accidents in this case). I could have died there. I could have met a much more fatal outcome. It could have been a lot more worse and people did not stop from telling all of this to me. They suggested that I should not pick my scooty up for sometime, that I should find other modes to travel etc etc. But I can’t let the fear take over me. I had to ride back on the scooty to get rid off the fear of accidents, roads because this is how life is. You cannot run away from things. You have to stand tall and face it and fight. Giving up is never the right answer. Giving up to fear means I will always live in that thought…. scared. And I cannot be scared. 

The accident taught me a lot of things…

1. Physical pains are what the real deal is about. Emotional pains are figments of mind. Not real

2. Life goes on.

3. Scratches teach us to keep moving on…. till death comes to hug as a friend. Till then you are breathing….you are alive…. LIVE !





Shruti Sharma



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