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November 12, 2010

At the point when dawn breaks into my room
I could see a beautiful cloud lingering near my window
That piece of cloud was my amorphous elf
Depicting my mood by changing itself

I stepped outside for an immaculate day out.
my misty saviour still overcasting me from day-star
the unforgetful past was the only catchall emotion
my alter ego up in the sky followed the procession

I could see everything that mattered to me running away
just the way it had happened when I had thanked for all.
the bygone days brought tear drops in my eyes
to keep me company my sky mate began to cry

I was drenched in and out,all emotions getting mingled
I was sad and afraid,but the cloud up said I am still here.
I could only wish that things this time wont be snatched away from me.
I was bit satisfied as I knew,my little cloud will be hovering up there to see.




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