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March 30, 2011

Another day Another night

Another play Another fight

Gun is pointed at me…and you are ready to see

I have to prove it again

You are what you wanna be…you are the one who is free…

Why cant I be tough….no,I refuse to be soft

Not when you want me to be…

Why cant I be soft….no,I refuse to be tough

Not when you want me to be.

I want to be hugged when I am cold

I want to scream and hold the power to scold.

I want to be me…above all…I just want to be me..

Rebellious angry and calm like a  sea.

Hold me tight,let me go

What way should I take,you are not supposed to show

Oh no,you are not supposed to show. are not…

Not right now…not ever.






From → I WRITE!

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  1. hey shruti….really nice

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