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September 22, 2011

DISCLAIMER – This is my first movie review so I am not expecting it  to be at par but will give my honest opinion.

So, SMURFS is the movie I picked up for my first review…AND here it goes.  ( SPOILER ALERT )

It’s a happy-go-lucky movie. Not very funny and you will laugh or rather smile in some scenes only. The theme of the movie should be termed ‘blue’ where blue denotes happiness. Smurfs are little blue  people who are named after their personalities like clumsy, and they live in mushroom huts in a forest.

And like every other movie, it also has a villain named gargamel. He is meant to be evil but his acts are humorous ( or that’s what the movie tried to show ). I loved the cat azrael who accompanies him and adored her evil laugh and her expressions are to die for. Gargamel‘s majestic walk from smoke managed to bring a smile on my face. These little blue people use smurf for almost everything. for eg- Are you smurfed ? oh my smurf ! Where the smurf are we ? smurfxactly ! and where the smurf are you ?

The end is dedicated to ‘ blue moon ‘ phrase which is also called once in a lifetime opportunity and the fear of fatherhood is linked to it and as always watching a baby play with his parents is the waking moment for would-be-parents and usually brings them out of their fears.

The movie stars Neil Patrick Harris ( Barney of how i met your mother ) , Jayma Mays ( Emma of glee ), Sofia Vergara ( Gloria of modern family ) and Hank Azaria. Overall, this movie is just about okay and I would give it  2.5 /5

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