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September 23, 2011

EVERYONE, comes across a horrible boss. There are just some exceptions. NO actually I don’t think anyone ever has been so lucky, as to never come across a horrible boss.

There are many types of horrible bosses which sometimes all can exist in one or you might find more than one type in one single boss. They are rude, clingy, over friendly, tend to consider you family ( very irritating ! ) , very unprofessional ( and end up blaming you as one ) , dominating etc.

I recently came across one such woman who is my ex-boss now and she had everything I just mentioned above in her.

It’s a suggestion for  everyone because everyone is someone’s boss or employer, NEVER be rude to anyone and never take anyone for granted. Nobody is your slave and never underestimate anyone, For you never know when the situation might turn around.

And for people who have suffered at such hands, the suggestion for you would be to NEVER TOLERATE AGAIN. Nobody has a right to treat you as a slave.



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  1. In his retrirement speech, one of my former colleagues said, “In my many years in the company I have worked for many managers and have great respect for some of them”. The key to understanding behaviour of managers is knowing how desperately insecure many of them are.

  2. I agree. I have even met some who do have a temper problem but atleast they are humane. But unfortunately some are just not worth any respect

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