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September 27, 2011

So, 90210 is back with yet another season and a brings a relief to so many who were waiting for this season to begin. To know if Naomi was actually pregnant ? If Liam would come back to Annie ? What would Adriana do this time ?

Characters of 90210 are still the same. Last season ended with Naomi breaking the news of her pregnancy to Max. Although it was a false alarm and freaked out Max was the indicator that it’s so over between Naomi and max. Naomi is back at hitting on guys, buying big houses, trying to be a part of sorority and getting an enemy on the way. Still the same…still the same. Navid and Silver are acting like a matured couple. Navid has moved in with Silver and so has his sister. So, they are busy baby sitting her. I wish Liam and Annie had worked out but oh-so-sad, it didn’t. Liam proposes Annie to marry him to which she says no to and in a drunken state Liam ends up buying a beach shack and enters Jane, a girl he met in summers. Such a dismay !

Adrianna still in picture with a very weak character, hope they write something strong for her very soon. So, goes for Ivy and Raj. I had high hopes for Ivy, she looks like a strong character and well we all know Raj won’t stay for too long. Teddy confronted  his dad and tells him he is gay and leaves on a jet plane. BYE BYE Teddy !!  Dixon is working hard on his music and facing titty- bitty problems here and there.

Overall, I loved the two episodes of 90210 and hope they take the story somewhere and pick up another strong case like they always do.




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  1. jolona polona permalink

    ju shohe cdo here qe dilni naomi eni liam navid adiana
    ju me pelqeni

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