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September 28, 2011

It’s too sad to see that men in uniform have become killers. These uniformed men are supposed to protect us and instead we have come across instances where policemen end up killing common people for no grave reasons as such

I would quote some instances here. Policemen killed a blind vendor of books and eatables on trains. Some argument had taken place between a police officer and Kripa Ram, a blind vendor, after which he was dragged to a police station where he was beaten. Later, Ram succumbed to injuries.

Another incident is also too sad where a mentally challenged man was thrashed with batons, tied up and dragged by policemen. Ram Krishna Aggarwal was allegedly carrying a sickle, which had led to local traders to complain to police. I agree that Aggarwal  was posing a threat but beating someone mercilessly is not the solution.

Lastly,  a police officer robbed a trader in Delhi, is one of the most heinous crime as the cop shot the trader thrice  in abdomen and he succumbed to the injury.

Where is the institution taking us ? Are policemen supposed to thrash, kill, shoot people for no reasons as such ?

I don’t think so !



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  1. Unbelievable, yes we have good and bad Security officers everywhere. Those ego centered police and evil men in general have to answer to GOD on judgement day, AMEN to that. Too bad they all give people like me who work hard a bad reputation! I am on work overload, if the public knew really knew what I did to protect them they would kiss my toes! Literally, and then again you have those in the public that simply don’t care or respect us.

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