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October 4, 2011
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The new season hit it off in the month of September and I am glad that it did.I missed the series in the missing months.

Well. here goes the review of the season premiere done by me.

Pritchett-Dunphy clan got their cowboy hats on and went to Wyoming for a ranch vacation.I loved how Dylan wanted to be a part of it and how Claire wasnt too cool with the idea.I loved it personally when Phil bucks up to take Dylan along.Cam and Mitchell are planning to adopt a baby- boy this time and that too from America.hmm..!!

I love Cam’s expressions. Gloria’s voice is irritating but amusing at the same time.I really like Jay and Gloria as a couple.I actually love MODERN FAMILY ‘s family.They are a family in true sense.Funny, sensitive, co-operative, includes normal day-to-day family bickering. The relationship between a father in law and son in law.Jay is always unwilling to give Phil credit for anything and poor Phil keeps trying to come at par with Jay. In this episode Phil tries to show Jay that he is as manly as him and, Mitchell tries to find out his own manliness before the baby boy joins their family.He wants to be a dad in proper sense who will teach his kid all the manly stuff.

This family is always there for each other. I love their jokes, they are just there but never trying too hard. Overall, the show has great gags, jokes and one liners and that is one of the major reasons that this show won 5 EMMY awards…




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