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January 14, 2012

matru-ki-bijlee-ka-mandola-movie-wallpapers-w1zMovie- Matru ki bijlee ka mandola

Starring- Pankaj Kapoor, Imran Khan, Anushka Sharma

Release date-January 11, 2012

The movie is set in a village called Mandola where a cynical businessman wants to set up his business and convert the village into a SEZ. The movie is not slow-paced and has its moments of humor when Pankaj Kapoor, the business man, who is quite fond of drinking gets drunk and becomes a better human who cares about the villagers. He regrets the same thing when he gets sober in the morning. The movie has peppy songs and highlights a tribe from Africa who contribute by dancing or singing in the sequenced songs. Pankaj Kapoor ruled the movie and did a brilliant job. Anushka and Imran weren’t too bright stars because Pankaj Kapoor stole all the limelight.

I loved the scenes of dragging the well and the passionate kiss of Imran and Anushka. The last scene where Anushka comes drunk for her pheras was also a light moment which can be praised.

The songs that I liked were the title track ie matru ki bijlee ka mandola and o boy o boy Charlie but personal favourite is matru ki bijlee ka mandola and the signature step was fun too.

Overall Matru ki Bijlee ka Madola was a good, light movie but you need to have a tickle bone to actually enjoy it or else you might not be able to enjoy the light heartedness of the same.


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