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July 3, 2012

Lump in my throat
tears welling.
One stops, the other breaks out.
Does the world know?

But I hide it so well,
with a smile, the uncontrollable laughter.
But nothing belongs to me.

Do they know about the tears?
Pouring down unceremoniously quite so often.
Do they see them?

Empty roads,
leaving everyone behind.
Speeding up, running away.
But they always catch up.
The noise, the blaring horns, the loud chit-chat.

I close my eyes
in search of peace.
But nowhere it is
I hit something….it jerks me.
I open my eyes
I am only left with a bereaved heart
can you cut it out of me? please…..

I know
I will find peace one day.
I know where I will find it.
I know how I will find it.
With my last breath
the serenity will flow.
And I want to feel it


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