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July 15, 2013


I had given up on all hopes about updating this blog forever because I was going through a writer’s block and nothing inspired me enough to come back and write a post but this very very sad news urged me to make a come back. I think the bereaved heart pushes all the blocks away and this truly saddening news took all the laziness and lethargy and the monotonous factors away from me and gave me a  reason to come back… to pay a tribute to this man who left us all in a very untimely way.

I have always been a huge fan of Cory, ever since I saw him on Glee. He took my heart away with his voice and his super sweet smile. My  sister asked me in the morning,” Is Finn from Glee dead?” I gave her a stern look and told her to shut up as this could just not be true but being a true follower of Glee and being Google’s best friend (or may be vice versa), i googled it. And I couldn’t stop the tears welling in my eyes and somehow I just kept wishing that may this all be a very very bad dream.

But, we all Gleeks have to face this very unfortunate event. I remember recently watching the movie Monte Carlo, starring Selena Gomez and Leighton meester, where Cory also played the roll of a very loving boyfriend, true to his nature. All my prayers are with lea Michele, May god be with her and with the family of Cory.

As for me, Glee will never be the same again without you Cory, you shall be dearly missed. I will always remember that cute smile and you will always inspire me with the song “Don’t stop believing”. May your soul rest in peace sweetheart.



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