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September 17, 2013

You are the first ray of sun,

which touches my face on a gloomy winter morning.


You are the awe-inspiring moon,

who comes out all of a sudden from behind the darkest cloud.


You are the enchanting star,

which scintillate and makes me smile when I look up at the umbrage sky.


You are the first drop of water,

which goes down my throat when I am parched on a sunny day.


You are the first breath I take,

when I see the light while suffocating in a dark corner.


You are the first mountain I see,

which gives me the strength to stand up and go on.


You are the first flower I smell,

when I am in a valley full of flawless flowers.


You are the first drop of rain,

which falls on my eyelids when I am waiting with arms wide open.


You are the first word I speak,

when I have been inaudible for a long time.


You are the first of everything in my life,

and so shall you always be.


Giving the true meaning,

to this wretched hopeless and lost sea.


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