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Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe

July 23, 2014

Here’s to this man’s 25th birthday. I can may be forget anybody’s birthday but when it comes to Daniel Alan Radcliffe. 23rd July is etched in my mind and as soon as the clock hits 12, I know what I have to do….. I have to wish him. Of course I know, my shouting out loud won’t make him hear me or realize that someone sitting in other country is wishing him all the happiness and good luck, but really…. that’s exactly what I do.

The boy who lived…. well he still lives. Daniel gave us Harry Potter. Ok! alright… yeah JK Rowling did but if wasn’t for Dan… well I don’t even have to complete this sentence because I am sure, every potter fan knows how this ends.


So, here’s this blog post just dedicated to wish him a very very very happy 25th birthday. Hope he gets all the happiness and success in this year and every year from hereon. I am sure I can say this on behalf of the potter-world too.

May you live a 100 years Dan… God Bless..Daniel Radcliffe


Good wishes

Sam/ Mysa/ Sammy

Sammy Radcliffe/ Mysa Cullen


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