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July 30, 2014

The only reason I am inspired to write this post is because from my office cabin I can hear a train pass every half an hour. And it just compelled me to write a post about it. Listening to a train whistle.. .well… it has its happy and sad effects.

At times it is irritating, plain irritating especially when it whistles right outside my door, yes, my office is practically at a railway station. Other times, it just reminds me of the journey this life is. All our lives lead to a destination and each day just adds on to our final journey which we start taking the moment we come out of our mother’s womb.

To think of it, we all just take this long/ short journey not knowing why we are taking it. Yes, we tell ourselves that this is the purpose of our life or that is the purpose of our life. Or we ought to do this or we ought to do that. Yada yada yada….. We meet someone and we think that this is where we were destined to but in fact all that person means is that we have found someone to travel with, someone to spend our countless wait for unknown things with, the fruitless journey gives us some relief because that person’s existence gives us a false hope that he/ she is the person we were headed to. May be we are… may be we are not.

I would just end this on a note of existentialism where in we all live a life just because we came into this world and we hinge ourselves to different things while convincing ourselves that this is the purpose of our life which in fact is just a way out for every one of us to give importance to our existence which is not wrong anyhow because we cannot just sit idle because we exist. But money, fame, name etc … none of this is the purpose of our life. This is what human beings talk about to satiate their vanity.


myalteregoinprocess- thepassingtrain

But just because that is the greatest truth doesn’t mean we should just sit and wait for it. Go out …live… travel… whistle…! Make every second count.



Sam/ Mysa


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