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RIP Robin Williams

August 12, 2014

Another one was taken away from us. I offer my condolences on the demise of the amazing actor Sir Robin Williams, These are the desperate times when I have to write a post right now.


No, I did not know Robin Williams personally. No, I have never met him. But, I remember watching his movies Jumanjee and Mrs Doubtfire among so many. And I loved him in those movies. And that’s why I owe this blog post to him.


The worst part is that it is rumored that Robin Williams committed suicide because of sever depression. No.. no… no…. that is not right. Committing suicide is not the way out. I am sure he was fighting with it but giving up on life is not the solution. It just depresses everyone else too and makes us all realize how life takes its toll on some of us and forces us to quit, to give up.


He was an extremely talented actor and the world will grieve his loss and so will I. May your soul respect in peace. We respect the fight you put up but your giving up saddens me.


A note to everyone-Please think a 100 times before committing suicide. If you need to talk to anyone, talk to me. I will be your friend… I will help you think about changing your decision. But, please don’t jump in that pit. I will always be right here offering my hand to help to anyone who needs a friend. 😦










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