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It Was All About Him

August 13, 2014

There was an anticipation. The buzz was, he was coming.

It was one of my closest friend’s wedding (his Cousin), and I was involved in all the preparations. And everyday all I kept hearing was, how he was flying down to attend her wedding. Everything was decided keeping him in mind. The songs we were preparing, we wanted to go for a night out before my friend was hitched. Again, he was discussed because he would go with us.

So, all I heard was how he is a big part of this huge wedding. But,I did not know him but I kind of already did. But, I did not get goosebumps thinking about him. You ask why?

Well, because with these discussions there was another discussion attached. And that was about how he is to get married next. How, everyone in his family was looking for a bride for him. How, the next time the family would be celebrating, would be for his wedding. There were special songs conveying the same, and these were kept aside for him.



So, I heard a lot about him. I was curious to know more about him. I think I was waiting for him more than his family. I knew when he would be flying down. My friend was supposed to go and pick him up from the airport, I was counting hours for him more than her. But I didn’t know why. Because I knew he was not for me. I was not for him. He was to get married to someone and there was no chance that anything might happen.


But, I was waiting for him.




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