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15th August, Happy Independence Day India!

August 14, 2014


Happy Independence Day to India, and to all living there. Yes, its been 67 years, but are we free?

I would like to ask this question from the common people of India, do you think you are free from the clutches of the society, from the ruling parties, from the political conflicts?

Don’t take me wrong, yes I am proud to be Indian but I would have felt better if instead of this I  could say, I am proud to be a human. I am proud of the fact that I live in the world where everybody is equal, there are no classes, no castes, no colors, no races to divide us. We all live united, as human beings, compassionate towards other living beings.

There are no boundaries which define continents or countries. Yes, there are many places in this world but I don’t need a stamped paper to visit any place. I am free willed and I can go wherever I want freely with no visa requirements.

My religion is humanity and I treat all as equals. I wish this is what everyone said. No, I don’t want that option anywhere which asks me my religion. Religions creates boundaries. And I don’t like boundaries. I don’t want to be contained within any limits. I have got one life and I want to live it freely. I want to go wherever I want without a worry in the world about getting a VISA.

I am disappointed in all the Government Institutions. I am disappointed because I need a VISA to complete my education anywhere else other than India. That just dampens my spirits.

I want to live in a free country,a free world. That’s my dream.

Happy Independence Day to everyone who still believes themselves to be free.





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