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Fear cuts deeper than Swords

December 9, 2014

This is one of the famous quotes from Game of Thrones series and I absolutely stand by it.

Syrio the dance master always told Arya Stark that fear cuts deeper than the sword. In their context it was quite literal to the core as Syrio was Arya’s sword master and he was always trying to teach the little girl how she should keep her fears aside (how Arya would hate me for calling her a little girl).

I am sure all of us can relate to this quote too. I certainly can now. I met with an accident few days back. I was riding to work and crashed with a car (the driver suddenly wanted to steer left after all whereas I was taking a leap of throttle straight ahead). It was scary. Every second of that accident was scary and I have never experienced this clear vision and I am proud of myself for my presence of mind and the intuition you have just seconds before (may be not intuitions… may be it is just the calculative mind) but whatever it was, it was plain scary.

I was racing straight and just 3 seconds before the  crash I realised that the car was not heading straight (how conveniently they forget to turn on the indicators), instantly I turned my scooty a little left so that I won’t hit the car head on and that did save my life and also for the first time I would give credit to the helmet…. yes yes I would…. yes I know it is important… yes I know it is for our protection…. yes I know all of that… NOW.

Every second is fragmented in my mind. The moment I crashed… I saw my rear view mirror turn in the most awkward way, next I remember the exact fall, how my head crashed in the car first and then how it hit the road… (tuckkkk…..tuckkkk) and then how the car zoomed away… throwing the dust in air. It was every bit scary. I could not get up. People rushed to help me and I am thankful to them (the guy who gave me his handkerchief, the uncles who insisted on taking me to hospital and some really old uncles who couldn’t stop thanking God that I was alive. Thanks to each of them. I got a deep gash on my palm but I am taking it in the most positive way, it might change some lines on my palm after all 🙂

Now here comes the line ‘fear cuts deeper than the swords’ (or accidents in this case). I could have died there. I could have met a much more fatal outcome. It could have been a lot more worse and people did not stop from telling all of this to me. They suggested that I should not pick my scooty up for sometime, that I should find other modes to travel etc etc. But I can’t let the fear take over me. I had to ride back on the scooty to get rid off the fear of accidents, roads because this is how life is. You cannot run away from things. You have to stand tall and face it and fight. Giving up is never the right answer. Giving up to fear means I will always live in that thought…. scared. And I cannot be scared. 

The accident taught me a lot of things…

1. Physical pains are what the real deal is about. Emotional pains are figments of mind. Not real

2. Life goes on.

3. Scratches teach us to keep moving on…. till death comes to hug as a friend. Till then you are breathing….you are alive…. LIVE !





Shruti Sharma



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