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December 10, 2014



I was always so sure that I am not going to compromise in my life…. never ever. But as life is happening (as per say), I have realized that compromises are a part of everyone’s life. They come as simple as….. breathing.

There won’t be one person who has lived his whole life on his terms. Sometime… somewhere all of us have to compromise. The only choice you do get is, which are the points you are willing to compromise on.




I went through some tough time few days back and for the first time I saw myself shattered to bits and I was ready to compromise on every front… all I wanted was some peace. But, thank my wits (decided to come back and see me after all), I saw that I don’t have to compromise right away and not for all the points. Some challenges are to be dealt with. I can easily compromise right now but when I think of the years ahead….. knowing myself, I will never be able to stay happy.

So, to end it all, I know someday I will have to make some compromises in order to live but that need not be done today…. or right now. I would like to procrastinate it as much as I can and when I won’t be able to do it anymore, I will compromise on my own terms. After all my middle name is also compromise… just like your’s.

Written by

Shruti ‘compromise’ Sharma




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