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Life… Destiny….Karma

December 11, 2014

I am tired of people talking about how life is.. how it is supposed to be… how this is how it happens…. how it was written in the destiny…. how it was never meant to happen.

Good Lord people! Can you just shut up for a while. No… none of the above statements is true. I refuse to stand by any of it. I am not ok with “this is how it was supposed to be”. No, this is not how it happens. Why are there always reasons and answers to things that did not happen. The destiny, the stars or that person, we always find a way to answer our questions. We have got to stop doing this to ourselves. I would rather live in a realistic world and live with real expectations. Well, truly no expectations at all. And no I don’t want to blame anyone or I don’t want to know how it is supposed to be.

My boyfriend broke up with me and I was inconsolable and all he could say was “this is your first break up, this is how it feels.” I told him that  I am not like his ex girlfriends and he doesn’t have to tell me how it is supposed to be. I would rather face the pains and hurt of life and come out stronger than being a fool who blames various other things.

The funniest part is that people keep telling you, be good and that’s how life will be to you. Let me be very honest with you. THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. Be as good as you can be but the world will shit on you.

The only thing which keeps me strong is KARMA. That is one thing I believe in and shall always do. People do bad things to you and you can take revenge in the dirtiest ways possible, I do have it in me too. But that is the only difference between such people and me. I always let KARMA take over. Karma has always served me right and I shall stand tall and strong and won’t stoop to their level but I will only wait for Karma to serve me right. It has happened in the past and it shall keep happening.



Shruti Sharma


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