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Holocaust Diaries : Forgiving Dr Mengele

June 22, 2015

I have recently taken an interest in history and future at the same time. PRESENT doesn’t entice me anymore. So, anyways I have picked up Holocaust from the past and about future, we will discuss that in some other post… Some other day.

I just finished watching the documentary ‘Forgiving Dr Mengele’ which talks about the unaccounted for experiments that Dr Mengele used to do on twins. There is no records of what exactly he did and he never discussed the same with anyone. But the atrocities that the Jews went through and survived. Well, there are stories to be discussed.

This documentary talks about one of the ‘Mengele twins’ by the name of Eva Mozes Kor who talks about how they were separated from their family and were kept alive because the doctor wanted to conduct experiments on twins.

Eva talks about how she has forgiven the Nazis and how she has liberated herself. She received a lot of criticism for the same from the other survivors because for them it was not easy to let go of the anger. I completely understand how and why they wouldn’t be OK with what Eva did but what they fail to understand is that Eva did not forget what all she went through but she could not let the past affect her present more than she could help. She could never erase the past nor she could forget it but she could free herself from seeking answers and frustrating herself over what could not be answered now. She went through the worst in the world history and she lives with it each day and it is not easy. She just wants to let it go now and stop being a victim and I don’t see anything wrong in that.

Rest, I pray for the souls that departed during that time. It was painful…. It was uncalled for and it was unfair. The pain that the families went through are beyond our imagination and we can never say ‘I understand’.

Shruti Sharma/ Sam


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