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10 Places for Shoe-String Budget Shopping in Delhi

August 24, 2016

Delhi is the Capital of India and it truly is a mixed pot of cultures and religions. Talk about variety of food, clothes, shoes, jewellery…. majorly all of it can easily be availed  in Delhi.

Today, we will talk about shopping, yes yes I know exciting!! We will only cover the places where brands don’t mean a thing and you are only concerned with bringing some change to your wardrobe and not spend a huge amount. So, let’s get it started….


Janpath Market is one famous flea market in Delhi.  This market is a mix of fixed small shops and local stalls.  Other than the fixed small shops and local stalls, there are also local handicraft artisans sitting between the lanes of fixed shops.  Their products are mostly traditional but worth souvenirs to be stored in your backpack in case you want to keep a piece of the ‘trendy Delhi’ with you. The market has all exquisite stuff that you would want to lay your hands on. From hippy attire to handicrafts, from paintings to cheap jewelry, you name it & you have it. You can find small trinkets and gifts for your relatives and friends here. Some shops have antiques, Aztec prints, trendy jackets, shawls, etc. Overall, Janpath is a shopper’s paradise and very favorably situated.

How to reach – Take the metro. Get down at Rajiv Chowk BLUE LINE and take the Palika Bazar Exit. It is 5 minutes walking distance from there. Or get down at Janpath Metro Station PURPLE LINE



Bargain, bargain and bargain! If you have a knack to play with the price of items, you can use your skill in the Sarojini Nagar Market. Here you can get cheap products at ease, but no guarantee of quality. Who cares?, if you are able to do quantity shopping in limited budget. Clothes, footwear, accessories, homeware, you get it all here! One of the best places to buy all fashionable tops, jeans, T-shirts, dresses, accessories, shoes, bags, scarves, etc., at cheap prices.

How to reach- Nearest Metro Station INA. Take an auto to the market for 25-30 Rupees. YELLOW LINE



All your shopaholic fantasies can see daylight here. You can get hold of some trendy clothes, footwear, accessories in this popular south Delhi market. Take some time out to get your hands decorated with mehendi from the popular mehendiwalasthere.

How to reach- Nearest Metro Station Lajpat Nagar PURPLE LINE



Situated near North Campus, Kamla Nagar is a great place to hang out and shop. It is famous for popular fashion brands where you can buy export surpluses and manufacturing rejects at throwaway prices. There is the option of flea market and the branded shopping.

How to reach- Nearest metro station vishwavidyalaya. Take the auto for 25-30 Rupees for Kamla Nagar Market. YELLOW LINE



Another diverse and exhaustive shopping destination is the Karol Bagh market. Get Indian attires, cheap electronic goods (Gaffar Market), bags, shoes etc. You can find all items listed in your shopping list, here.

Karol Bagh is one the busiest and oldest shopping areas in Delhi which famous for bridal wears, Indian garments (cotton, silks, woolens or synthetics cloths), shoes, cosmetic products, books, gadgets and electronic items.

How to reach- Nearest Metro Station Karol Bagh BLUE LINE



Chandni Chowk, is famous for wedding lehengas, semi-precious jewelry, embroidered bags, garments of silk and cotton etc. Arguably one of Delhi’s most famous shopping streets, Chandni Chowk is filled with jewelry, carpets, lehengas, wedding wear, embroidered bags and clothes, silk garments and accessories. Half the fun of shopping here is exploring the tortuous back alleys where you will make your best purchases. Don’t forget to grab a quick bite at any of the roadside stalls in Chandni Chowk.

How to reach- Nearest Metro Station Chandni Chowk YELLOW LINE

A Busy Street, Chandni Chowk, Delhi
A Busy Street, Chandni Chowk, Delhi


Greater Kailash market is divided into two shopping areas, Greater M-Block and N-Block. Both markets are best known for crowded shops famous for its street food-corners, showrooms and local outlets for shopping in Delhi. Both the blocks have a combination of both, branded and unbranded shops that attracts a huge crowd. You will find reasonably priced accessories, footwear and clothes here.

How to reach- Nearest Metro Station East of Kailash PURPLE LINE or Green Park YELLOW LINE



Paharganj market is situated just opposite to platform number 1 exit of the New Delhi railway station..Besides being a popular area for budget hotels , it is a shopaholics favorite destination. It is the hippie market in every sense. Explore the market for kurtas, harem pants etc.

How to reach- Nearest metro station RK Ashram marg BLUE LINE or New Delhi YELLOW LINE



If you want to buy something from the traditional market of Indian villages.  Dilli Haat is the best recommendation for you. You can see small thatched roof cottages with the ultimate atmosphere of Indian villages. The market is famous for delicious spicy foods, handcrafted and handloom items. It depicts the olden day style of bazaar where haats were set up to sell wares. It is the perfect place to experience the culture of Delhi. It consists of around 200 stalls with a variety of beautiful Indian crafts and trinkets. One can see occasional regional folk dances here and buy souvenirs like ceramic pots, puppets and handloom items.

How to reach- Nearest Metro Station INA YELLOW LINE

Digital StillCamera
Digital StillCamera


Khan Market is definitely for elite shoppers but if you want to pick the best of stuff (flea market) then there are a few shops which you could explore and end up buying good quality products. Khan market is perfect to buy fashionable apparel, books, cosmetics, get skin and hair treatments at the high end salons and dine at the coolest restaurants. You could buy artistic, fashionable accessories at the local sellers packed around the shopping arcade.

How to reach – Nearest Metro station- Khan market. Walking distance from the station. PURPLE LINE


For further help with Delhi Metro, I have attached the metro map for your convenience.



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