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And it is 2016, a lot has changed in past few years but my love for writing is still untouched. Yes, I don’t write on this blog too often but I have my mini journal where I keep adding on new poems but I am back here yet again with a new vision. I have added two more categories ‘ I SEE’  and ‘I TRAVEL’ wherin I will add pictures from my latest travel expeditions and my experiences or suggestions!

This is me and I am not going to change one little thing about me. I will travel… I will see!…. I will write… I will express… I will think…. I will speak… because I AM!!


Shruti/ Sammy/ Sam/ Mysa

  1. Hey you picked a great blog to talk, write, or share. I love this blog and posting photo’s gives tons of comments. Are you in the Post a day challenge 2011 with WordPress? Nice to have you for my friend, (Jackie)

    • Hey !
      Thanks a lot ! I more or less want to explore my writing skills further and dont want to stay behind in the bloggers world. 🙂

  2. I think it never does (loosen its claws, I mean). But, all we can do is to live in hope. Nice blog you have here. I look forward for more.

    • Yes, we keep living in hope of finding something or fulfilling the prophecy of our life so to say. That’s what it is all about. This life! Thank you! Following your blog too.

  3. “..I will write… I will express… I will think…. I will speak… because I AM!!..”, simple words with a hidden intensity. That’s the way to go. Nice bio 🙂

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